Carrot low fat cake


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35 min.

A perfect cake to make for any special occasion, birthday, or Sunny Spring Day! Enjoy with family and friends! Actually, this sweet is perfect for any special occasion.
A healthy and delicious Raw Vegan carrot cake that is low in fat, gluten-free, and filled with nothing but the good stuff: date, coconut, cocoa, banana and carrot of course.

This recipe doesn’t use sugar because it gets its sweetness from the ingredients.

What I really like about this cake is the perfect combination between the sweetness and the bitter taste of cocoa.


  • 3 big carrots (wash the carrots and peel them. Grate and let to sit for at least one hour. Squeeze them using a paper towel. You must drain the water away)
  • 3 cups dates
  • 5 bananas
  • 200 g coconut meat (fresh or not)
  • 4 tbsp cocoa powder
  • water


  1. Blend 1 ½ cup of dates in your high-speed blender until smooth, adding as little water as possible
  2. Pour the mixture into a bowl and add grated carrots. Stir all ingredients together well
  3. Pour the mixture into a dish/tray you are using for your cake. Spread it, forming the bottom layer
  4. Continue with the second layer adding a mixture produced by 15 dates blended
  5. Slice up 2 bananas and lay the slices in the third level of the pie until it is covered
  6. Use a large fork to mash 3 bananas and coconut meat. Stir together and pour the mixture, covering the third layer
  7. Blend 7 dates and cocoa powder. You may need to add a little water to help things blend together. Process till the blender has taken the form of a smooth “dough”. Cover the top of the cake with the chocolate sauce. Set a little aside for the final garnish
  8. Refrigerate the cake for about an hour. Remove it from the fridge, and serve. Garnish: add a brush stroke of chocolate sauce to your dessert plates




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